I know you were all DYING to see what masterpiece Vanessa and I created for Kyle and despite my failed photography, Kyle was kind enough to document our efforts.

2014-04-14 21.57.44

To the left of “BIRTHDAY” you will find Vanessa’s “bat.” In the upper right hand corner, you will find the blob that I created.

I can’t say it enough- this man really is the bomb.com. If it wasn’t for Kyle and our pages and pages of email chains, I probably would’ve died of boredom at work. He is my source of advice, guidance, and strange internet stories, as well as the only one who appreciates my Jesse Pinkman crush.

2014-02-09 12.17.56

2013-12-14 20.52.31

2013-07-27 08.34.39



Snowstorms and birthdays

Sunday, it reached 76 degrees in Ann Arbor. This morning, I woke up to this.  I just don’t know about you anymore, Michigan.IMG_1640[1]

Saturday night, my 5K crew and I watched Frozen, unknowingly spurring this snowstorm. That, or 3 inches of the white stuff was Kyle’s birthday wish. Damn you, Kyle. Speaking of, today is the young man’s 32nd birthday.

As you might have guessed from the photo, Kyle is secretly Batman and in honor of all the kind and selfless things he does, his roommate Vanessa and I decided to make him birthday cupcakes. Because I am a shitty blogger, I forgot to take a picture of the masterpiece but you better believe they were amazing. Homemade vanilla and chocolate because we’re too fancy to use the stuff from a box. We also made frosting from scratch. Go big or go home. Initially, our plan was to draw the batman symbol on every cupcake.

However, Vanessa and I quickly discovered that wine, paired with our less than impressive art skills, was a recipe for failure. Vanessa’s attempt was twenty times more successful than mine, with her “bat” resembling the state of Texas. Meanwhile, I created a blob that looked nothing like the image above. Sorry Kyle, we tried. Instead, we spelled out “Happy Birthday Batman” and called it a night.

Today is also my bestie Laura’s birthday.3906_582658820276_6578098_n (1)

I think the fact that our shenanigans have not landed us in prison is a successful feat in itself. To 80 more years of friendship!

Although today is not Boyfriend’s holiday in any way, I didn’t want him to feel left out. Thus, I leave you with some pictures of Boyfriend after our walk on Sunday.




Look at that face 😉


Hello Hello!

I realize I’ve absent from the blogging world from almost 2 weeks which is just unheard of but have no fear, I’m alive and back. Between interviewing for and accepting a new job, still working at my current job, running, trying to figure out this PhD business, and still having a life, I just hadn’t made blogging a priority.

I’ll start off by saying that I officially accepted a job as an RD for a private company. More on this to come but I am scheduled to begin at the end of the month.

Instead of rehashing my past two weeks (including my quarter life crisis), I’ll just starting my blogging from this weekend. Yesterday after a work, I squeezed in a quick run after work, and then went to go babysit my three favorite kids. It was a beautiful day, so we went to the park, played outside, and snacked on junk food because why not.  I actually ended up spending the night there and proceeded to be terrorized by the 18 year old cat who just won’t die. He’s deaf, blind, and I’m pretty sure he’s got some sort of dementia. The evil beast proceeded to meow and cry outside my door for 30 minutes… starting at 6:00 am. I got up and fed the thing only to find the 6 year old watching tv. When I asked him why he couldn’t feed the cat, he told that wasn’t his job. Kids these days.

Anyway, I was up and at 9 am, I left to go run the Aruna 5K with Boyfriend, Boyfriend’s roommate, and two other friends.  I finally ran a sub 24 race, finishing at 23:35. PR! This course was no joke. We ran through North Campus (University of Michigan) which is ridiculously hilly. In fact, the first half mile was pretty much straight uphill. I was worried I went out too hard and too fast but I felt good and finished 6th for females.

2014-04-12 10.30.00

2014-04-12 10.41.03



This was Boyfriend’s first 5K, and he did awesome with a 24:54 time. So proud 🙂

In other news, now that the climate in Michigan no longer makes me want to permanently hibernate under my covers, I’ve started making smoothies pretty regularly. Spinach, avocado, frozen banana, and almond milk is my combination of choice. DELICIOUS and perfect post-run. During the winter, I have no desire to drink cold beverages with the exception of water but now, I think these will become a daily thing.

2014-04-12 11.53.41


Happy Weekend everyone!





Let me start off on a positive note and say that it is 52 degrees in Ann Arbor right now. Finally. Too bad Mother Nature will probably dump another 5 feet of snow mid April. This is Michigan after all.

So this week got off to a rough start after Sunday’s race. The plan was to do an easy shake out run Monday morning but my body had other ideas. I had a weird pain in my hip, hamstring, and butt so I decided to postpone my workout until the afternoon. Now normally, I’m an idiot and run on most types of pain but this time it was different. Not run-able for even a lunatic like myself. Anyway, I was obviously super productive at work that day, researching my ailment for a large part of the day and because I am a medical doctor with a specialization in sports medicine, I self diagnosed myself with piriformis syndrome.

After I got home from work, my stubborn self attempted another run only to make it 5 feet. Ouch. Not happening. Instead, I dedicated 60 minutes to abs, glutes, and hip abductors. P90x ab ripper followed by planks, fire hydrants, stretching, and foam rolling.

I was pretty depressed about my injury so I went to hang out with Boyfriend so he could help me eat my feelings. Boyfriend cooked lentils and then we made these amazing cookie bars.

Displaying 20140401_153720.jpg

Greasy, sweet, and delicious.

We even ate them straight out of the pan because we are classy people. Since I have no impulse control, I was not about to wait for these guys to cool down so I dug right in. Luckily, Boyfriend followed suit because we are on the same level when it comes to food and patience.

Obviously the cookies were just what I needed (the foam rolling and stretching too probably) because when I woke up Tuesday morning, my hip felt 50 times better. Naturally I had to run on it. The first mile was a little rough but by mile 2, no pain. I didn’t want to push my luck so I stopped at 5.5 miles, but I felt good about it. Typical Tuesday: run, work, and babysitting.

Oh yeah, and I found out that I’ve been accepted into the University of Michigan’s doctoral program in Nutritional Sciences for the Fall 2014 🙂

This morning I squeezed in a quick 4 miler before work, untimed, and then ran another 5.5 miles during my lunch break at a 7:47 average. Not too shabby.


I did make the mistake of wearing a long sleeve UA top with my shorts, and I was sweating buckets. You’d think I spent last night raging or something but nope, just some good ole’ heat intolerance. I was pretty proud of myself though, driving home, changing, running, showering, and making it back to work all under two hours.

As for this evening, I’m supposed to meet up with the BFF and do some coffee drinking, Godiva eating, and shopping because what better way to celebrate hump day and this beautiful weather.



Half Marathon #5- check!

Happy Sunday everyone!

I am in a wonderful mood because I completed the Ann Arbor half marathon this morning and earned a new PR- 1:51:35

2014-03-30 10.31.12

Now for all you speed demons, obviously my time may not be super impressive but considering my first half ever was a 2:30 (trail run through waist deep mud, no joke), my second and third were at 2:01, and my last was a 1:55:31, I’m excited about the slow but steady progress. The plan is to eventually drop down to 1:45 and maybe even 1:40. Hey, I can dream!

So a quick recap of the race. Initially, I expected warm temperatures so the plan was to run in shorts and compression socks. However, I must have forgotten that this is Michigan, and Mother Nature  put a Kibosh on my outfit. Last minute, I decided on Under Armour capris and my cold gear long sleeve UA top. I debated about the shirt for a few days because I tend to overheat in it but considering the 20 degree temps this morning, I figured it was okay. I chose to forgo the gloves and headband which I really regretted at the start line.

Anywho, I ran the two miles from my apartment to the starting line, and it actually didn’t feel too bad… that is until I had to wait in line for the port-a-potty. Holy cow was I cold. I was talking to a woman who was lucky enough to have her husband drop her off (THANKS BOYFRIEND!) so she didn’t have my problem of trying to keep warm while mildly sweaty from the warm-up. Plus she was smart enough to wear gloves. My bad.

The first two miles were through downtown Ann Arbor, and I was cold and cursing myself for not wearing gloves. I scrunched my fists under my long sleeves to prevent frostbite and carried on. This really helped and by mile 3, the sun was out and my hands regained feeling. Happy I didn’t have to carry a pair of gloves for the next 10 miles, I trekked on, positioned with the 8:24 min/mile or 1:50 finish group. I initially started with the 1:55 group but felt confident enough to go faster so I moved on ahead. By mile 5, I thought about speeding up again but decided against it.

I listened to this song from the Divergent soundtrack at least 5 times.


The dubsteppy beat encouraged me to to push faster, especially toward the finish.

The run actually went by pretty fast. At mile 10, my peeps Kyle and Vanessa were cheering me on so I felt a burst of energy and picked up the pace. I was forced to slow down pretty quickly during the climb around the hospital. I expected hills because that’s pretty typical of Ann Arbor but mile 10 caught me off guard. Holy hell did I want to die. That climb slowed down a lot of people, and I was a little worried about whether I had enough energy to get all the way up it. Somehow, I didn’t die.

Usually during races, I drink water or gatorade at every other mile starting at mile 4 but because it was so cold, I didn’t take water until mid mile 9 and even then, I only had a sip. No gatorade this time because I wasn’t sure how my stomach would feel about it.

Once I made it up the hill and to campus, I picked up the pace because I knew the finish line was close. I passed the mile 12 marker and then eventually made it to William Street which is where the finish line was. When Ellie Goulding came on for the fifth time, I knew it was time to push.


Me passing random dude. Thanks for the photography Kyle!

Half marathon #5 complete. Kyle and Vanessa greeted me at the finish line and bless their hearts, they gave me a ride home because I’m not sure my legs could have carried me after those 15 miles.

The plan is to chill in my compressions socks and stretch until boyfriend comes by to foam roll my legs. Overall, I had a great run. Would I have liked to break 1:50? Yes. Am I happy with my time? Very much yes.

A big thank you again to my cheering section. You guys are the best!



That’s not my name

I never thought this day would come



It finally feels like spring in Michigan! Hallelujah. Obviously I had to greet today’s warm weather with a 6 mile run, aka my final run before Sunday’s Half Marathon. My legs felt good this morning actually, strong, which is a change from what I’ve been feeling these past few weeks. I think the yoga Wednesday and cutting back on the two-a-days really helped. Skipping Beth’s spinning class of death yesterday was also a wise choice.

Instead, I met up with a friend at Ironwood Grill for dinner and enjoyed a delicious Cajun burger. Spicy mayo, tons of jalapenos, quality Angus beef, melted cheese, and bacon for the win. For once, I did not order french fries, and it was refreshing to leave a restaurant without the food baby that usually accompanies going out to dinner.

In other news, I’ve decided to re-start my routine of mid-day exercise breaks at work. I saw this chart on Runner Girl Eats and felt the need to repost.


Sitting and staring at a screen for 8 hours a day is not only bad for your eyes, it’s also bad for our overall well-being. Luckily, I drink 50 gallons of water and coffee every day and my bladder is the size of a nickel so I get up to go to the bathroom quite often. Hence, although my co-workers probably think I’m a diabetic or have some serious bladder issues, I am able to squeeze in three to four walking breaks to the bathroom every hour. That and my 10 push ups every hour during the afternoon adds some physical activity to my sedentary work day.

Last thing, this guy gets my pain. 21 Things People with Ethnic Names will Totally Understand




All the damn time.

And to the Starbucks barista who thought my name was Gita after I SPELLED it out, you are an idiot.



On that positive note, happy Friday everyone!  It’s almost the weekend!





My Perfect Marathon

In a moment of regrettable perhaps haste, I registered for my first full marathon. I have exactly 7 months to mentally, emotionally, and physically prepare myself. Let’s be real though, this whole thing will probably be a complete disaster.


Inspired by this hilarious woman and Kyle because let’s be real, he’s the brains behind any operation, here is the hypothetical line-up of TV/movie characters that I need to join me if I’m going to survive this 26.2 mile journey.

Mile 1: Phoebe Buffay

Slow and steady wins the race but Phoebe’s arm swinging would get me closer to the front of the pack, as opposed to getting sandwiched in with all the walkers who thought they belong in the front corrals… FYI people, I’m angrily swearing at all of you in my head in every race I run. If you plan on walking, GET IN THE BACK.


Miles 2-4: Fat Amy- Pitch Perfect

This girl is the best. From “Don’t put me down for cardio” to “I’m going to finish him like a cheesecake.” Pure genius. I’m not sure how this horizontal running business would fare during a marathon but I’m pretty much up for anything early in the race.


Mile 5: Mindy Kaling

This girl is the best. Her musings in “Is everyone hanging out without me” pretty much mirror my daily thought process.


Mile 6: Jesse Pinkman

Time for hydration. Who better than our favorite meth-making junkie? Only 20 miles to go, BITCH!


Miles 7-9: Scott Disick-Kardashians

The guy is a complete asshat but listening to his one liners could keep me entertained for a couple miles. He is the only person on this show whom I find entertainingly annoying, as opposed to just annoying

scott1 scott4

Mile 10-12: Liz Lemon

Mile 10 is usually when my upper body starts to ache, and I curse myself for ignoring strength training. Sometimes I do push ups at work. Sometimes I pick up heavy things. Is that not enough? Is consistency really that important? Apparently so.


Miles 13-15: George Gergenblatt- Wanderlust 

This is the part of the race where I’m going to pee myself because my bladder is the size of a nickel but I’m too lazy to stop at a port-a-potty. If I have this guy running with me, at least I’d have an excuse for any loss of bladder control. There is a back story to this Paul Rudd-Wanderlust business, but it’s something that probably shouldn’t be shared on the internet. Moral of the story though, don’t let a drunk ginger med student get cray cray in your apartment.

Miles 16-18: Eric Matthews- Boy Meets World

Bringing in the big guns for the rest of the race. Inspired by Kristen, hot guys to the finish line.


And I’m pretty sure this man is his long lost twin.


Miles 19-21: Stefan Salvatore- TVD

100 percent Polish. I will follow his shirtless self anywhere at this point.


Mile 22-24: Damon Salvatore- TVD

If Elena doesn’t have to choose, why should I?


Mile 25: Leslie Knope- Parks and Recreation

At this point, I will realize that I’m still not done. I’ll be dehydrated from crying but I’m hoping the tears turn from pain to joy.


Mile 26(.2)- R.I.P. Agata. Death by Running

JK. If all goes well, I’ve have my army of characters leading me to the finish line. Obviously I’ll finish in some crazy time 3.5 hours because that is completely realistic for my first one 😉


But for reals, I don’t know what I was thinking. I’m hoping all the half marathons I plan to do this summer help me to sufficiently prepare for this marathoning business. With Boyfriend gone for the duration of July, I’m thinking that month will be key to my training. Then come October, I can join this bunch